Fusing The Roots

January 1, 2018
Siti & The Band
Wanene Records
Producer: Humphrey Domboka & Sarthak Tale
Number of discs: 8

Taking a closer look at the music itself, especially the song “Halindwa,” we hear a traditional Kyaso rhythm from Pemba Island. Siti & The Band create an infectious jazz-fusion song by inviting a talented trumpet player from Zimbabwe, while at the same time carrying a highly important and empowering message to gender based violence victims; especially women who go through violent treatment by their husbands and other men.

Looking into another signature track, “Ashiki Baya,” we see how Siti and The Band have succeeded in merging musical flavors. While the song was originally performed by Siti Binti Saad, the mother of Traditional Taarab music, it is now performed with a Tanzanian pop culture Bongo Fleva style beat, giving it a danceable and forward sound ready to move the dance floors. It addresses unequal power positions in relationships connected with emotional feelings and experiences in romantic love.

Fusing the Roots is recorded evidence of the timelessness of Zanzibar’s traditional and contemporary music. The high quality recording, empowering lyrics and unique musical compositions of the album have beautifully entangled contemporary rhythms with Zanzibar’s most loved classical genre.

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