Siti & The Band x Berita – Fire & Gold


Multi-award-winning, singer and songwriter Berita teams up with Siti & The Band, widely acclaimed taarab-fusion combination all the way from Zanzibar, Tanzania. The new single “Fire and Gold” is an exotic pan-African treat unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Berita and Siti & The Band met for the first time on the intersection of their East Africa Tour in Uganda. Fire & Gold was born in a late night studio session at the National Theatre in Kampala, during East Africa’s music conference DOA DOA. In a quest for musical and cultural exchange the recording marked the starting point of an ongoing musical collaboration and personal friendship.

‘My heart is fire and gold, I’ve watched it burn, burn for you’ Berita echoes with melancholy at the beginning of the song. Berita pleads solace in the quest to revive a failing love, in the chorus singing in Xhosa ‘Andifuni mna andifuni, Andifuni ukuhlukana nawe (I don’t want to be apart from you) ’. Siti Amina, Siti and the Band’s vocal prowess sings in Swahilli ‘Yalaiti napenda pasi kifani, Tofauti sikutilii moyoni’ meaning I wish could love more than anything, never put any doubt in my heart.’

In harmony, Berita and Siti Amina sing amongst the dazzling sounds of Zanzibar’s traditional “Qanun” – a 78 stringed lyre instrument present in many arabic musical traditions. Accompanied by mesmerable strings performed by Siti & The Bands virtuoso female violinist Rahma Ameir aka Vee Diva. This wonderful masterpiece soaks you in and brings you to places unlike you’ve experienced before.

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