Siti & The Band to drop Powerful New Sounds for the Future

“Uchungu wa Mwana” originally written by Siti Binti Saad in the early 20th Century, beautifully transcends the reality through ancient Taarab music and the power of the spoken word.

Welcomed with a warm Oud solo by lead singer Siti Amina, joined by mesmerizing sounds of the Qanun, the powerful intro gives a promising taste of the remaining three minutes to come. Entangled into these ancient sounds, the lyrics of “Uchungu wa Mwana” addresses the problems of early pregnancy, the hardships of motherhood and the pain most women face when raising a child.

Visually complementing the beautiful interpretation of this classic but almost forgotten Taarab song, Siti & The Band sends out a strong message in their music video. Addressing the new Tanzanian generation to take greater care of their decisions of sexual engagement with no prevention or further/family planning. Siti Amina is speaking from her personal experience as a single mother who had to divorce from her husband in order to pursue her musical career:

“I wanted to make this song for the youth of the new generation and send a strong message to my audience, especially for the young girls… As women we are taking the major part in raising the kids, it takes up a lot of our time and energy, so we need to be very careful choosing when and with whom we want to have a baby with, as it will determine great parts of the future of our live.”

The feature, G Nako, has been amongst the major hit makers in the Tanzanian pop music market while at the same time staying very versatile in his style and collaborations, making him of unique value to the Tanzanian mainstream market. This will enable the message to penetrate deep into the heart of music in Tanzania, while adding a male voice of care, appreciation and acknowledgement for the struggling mothers in Tanzania and beyond.

Siti & The Band is bringing trouble to the scene. Stay tuned.

Audio Release: YouTube 6th August, Streaming Platforms 13th August

Video Release: 13th August 2021

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